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4.Lotus Europa Bit char-G
Tamagotchi Plus
Aquapets, Puku2 Tamagotchi the popular virtual pet from the 90's is back. But this time it can exchange gifts, interact with each other, get married & even have babies.
Hidamari no Pingu
Hidamari no Pingu A new addition to our ever popular Hidamari no tami gift range is every ones favourite's TV character pingu.
Aquapets, Puku2 There is no need to brush up your Japanese anymore. Aquapets are the English version of Puku2 & available in 3 colours. It's an ideal addition for your virtual pet toy collection.
Flower cube
Flower cube Flower cube works with solar power & has a side to side head movement. it can also interact with another. Perfect gift for hay fever sufferers.
Microaqua Nemo series
Microaqua nemo Micoraqua Finding Nemo series by Tomy is so popular right now, it is very hard to find them any where. But we managed to track down a few.
Hidamari no Tami
Hidamari no Tami Translates as Sunny people, this cute little one is the best stress buster to come out of Japan. Solar powered as well . Ideal gift for any age.
Nadsat candy dispensers
NadsatNadsat Nadsat candy dispensers are one of the fastest growing collectable's on the market today. Tomy & Medicom have teamed up to release this special disney series .
Beyblades, beyblade, HMS beyblade Beyblades are the fastest selling toys in UK. We sell genuine beyblades & have a large collection of HMS beyblades & R/C beyblade.
Hakoton & Mini Hakoton
Hakoton Hakoton are another great example of the innovative Japanese interactive toys we sell at the moment.
Super joy TV game console
Super joy TV game consoleAs seen on TV, But with an extra Light gun & joy pad. Comes with 76 games and creates 76,00 ways to play. Spare cartridges are availabe to buy now.

Capsule Toys
Capsule Toys, Gashapon Originally produced for vending machines in Japan, Capsule toys are very popular amongst collectors at the moment & very hard to find any where in UK.

Micropets, babies & dancers
Micropets, Microbabies, Micro dancers Micro pets, Micro babies and Micro dancers are just under two inches tall & voice activated. They are ideal toy for kids & perfect gift for adults.
We have a wide variety of genuine Yu Gi Oh starter packs, boosters & accessories in stock at very low prices.
Zoids We have the largest collection of Zoids in UK, including Japanese Zoids & accessories. Wave 3 Zoids are available now.
Super Bit Char-G
Super Bit Char-g Be the first one in UK to get hold of the Super Bit Char-G special edition Nissan skyline GT-R (Black)set with 3 bodies.
Yubinori Pipi
Yubinori pipi"The Birdie That Perches On Your Finger". At around 4 c.m tall this fluffy birdie will put a smile on anyone's face.
Survivor shot revolv
Survivor shot revolvThe Hi-tech infrared toy gun by Tomy. With 360 degree coverage and realistic feeling when hit, there is no escape
Kigurumix Just released in Japan & proving very popular already, Kigurumix are little changeable figures on replacement bottle caps & dance to any music.
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